Yemi Head Educator & Owner, Shining Little Lights
Location: Aurora, CO
Enrollment: Enroll Now
Ratio: 1 adult per 6 children
Hours: 7:00am — 5:30pm
Ages: 14 months — 5 years
Approach: The Creative Curriculum
Rates: $210/week

Shining Little Lights

What Our Families Are Saying

Yemi does an excellent job

Yemi is incredibly patient and truly enjoys being around children. She does an excellent job pushing our daughter to the next developmental milestone.

A MyVillage Parent — Yemi does an excellent job

My son has been doing great ever since he started at Shining Little Lights

My son has been doing great ever since he started at Shining Little Lights. He is learning so much and I am so glad we found Yemi and MyVillage – she is truly wonderful and has so much patience

Katherine — MyVillage Parent

About Our Educators

  • Q. Why did you become an Educator?

    To be an educator is to teach the next generation. Being an in-home provider also gives me an opportunity to be with and raise my own children. I love creating a safe and fun place for children to learn.
  • Q. What's your favorite part about being an Educator?

    I love seeing children's happiness and being a part of helping them explore the world - especially when they learn something new.
  • Q. Do you have any special experience parents should know about?

    I've spent my entire life around children - but the last 14 years I've spent by managing different kind of schools. I established my own school (with >500 students) and ran it for seven years and also worked on a school by establishing a shareholding company where I served as managing director. Now that my family lives in the United States - we love creating an opportunity for kids to learn in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment.
  • Q. Anything else parents should know about you or your family?

    My Master's degree in Social Work helps me to understand social, emotional, spiritual, physical, biological and psychological needs of the children and also helps me to communicate effectively with both parents and children.

About Our School

  • Q. What's your early childhood education philosophy?

    We believe that children have their own personality and pace to learn. We respect that. I do not see them only as a child- but more along the lines of how they can influence the world. I also believe in creating a family environment with the children in my program and their parents.
  • Q. What's your school set-up like?

    Our classroom is set-up with areas of interest for children to explore and learn. At Little Shining Lights, we pride ourselves on sitting with children while they are engaged in play and extending learning through open-ended questions. We have areas related to Science, Art, Music, Dramatic Play and many others to meet the needs and curiosities of the children in our care.
  • Q. What snacks & meals do you provide?

    We use USDA guidelines and provide breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. We follow family eating style.
  • Q. Anything else parents should know?

    We offer full-time and part-time care; part-time schedules are M-W-F or T-Th.

About Our Parent Relationships

  • Q. What do you expect from me as a parent?

    At Shining Little Lights, we understand parents know what is best for their kids so we would like to have good communication and a working relationship that enables us to work for the best of your child/ children. We would also like you to tell us about the goals and dreams you have for your child/ children. We would also like you to work as an educator/parent to ensure your child is growing and developing during his/her time here at Shining Little Lights. We also ask you to review and follow the “Parent Responsibilities” and “Family Partnerships” section of our Parent Handbook.
  • Q. Do you encourage visits from parents?

    Yes. At Shining Little Lights, we welcome parents to visit our program throughout their child’s day and to volunteer in the classroom.

Become a MyVillage Family

When your child enrolls with Shining Little Lights, you’re gaining so much more than childcare, you’re becoming a MyVillage Family. Here are just some of the benefits of being a MyVillage Family:

  • Trusted Educators

    All MyVillage Educators are trained, licensed, insured, CPR Certified, and offer high-quality care in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Personalized Care

    A small group setting in a family home environment results in natural socialization, development, and a personalized approach for your child.

  • Reliable

    Our unique support system means that if your educator is sick, you won’t have to call in sick too.

  • Learning & Development

    The MyVillage Education Experience encourages play-based learning and growth.

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