Ashlee Head Educator & Owner, Natural Discoveries
Location: Billings, MT
Enrollment: Enroll Now
Ratio: 1 adult per 6 children
Hours: 7:00am — 5:00pm
Ages: 2 years — 5 years
Approach: MyVillage Learning Approach
Rates: $650/month

Natural Discoveries

About Our Educators

  • Q. Why did you become an Educator?

    For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a teacher. I started working in a child care setting when I was 15 years-old, and have been doing it ever since. I love teaching young children because they are so positive and see the world in a wonderful way. I love seeing them learn and experience new things.
  • Q. What's your favorite part about being an Educator?

    The relationships. I love being a part of their lives and their families. Seeing their excitement when they come in the door and getting that ‘Good Morning hug’ is my favorite!
  • Q. Do you have any special experience parents should know about?

    I have worked in high-quality early childhood programs for over 17 years and have a bachelor's degree in elementary education and reading.
  • Q. Anything else parents should know about you or your family?

    I have two children of my own, Jack (5 months) and Henry (2). We have 2 puppies, Gussy is a 2-year-old black lab mix and Jasper is a 4-year-old Corgi mix. We also have 2 kitties, Oliver and Smudge. We love our fur babies!

About Our School

  • Q. What's your early childhood education philosophy?

    Children are incredibly curious and learn best through hands-on experiences. I foster their curiosity, creativity, and independence through natural play in a ‘yes’ environment.
  • Q. What's your school set-up like?

    The environment is my 2nd teacher. It is filled with open-ended materials that children are free to explore with. I limit plastic toys and try to incorporate nature as much as possible.
  • Q. What snacks & meals do you provide?

    I will serve breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. I follow the CACFP food program and offer organic foods as much as possible. Additionally, I encourage my kiddos to help me in the kitchen as much as possible.

About Our Parent Relationships

  • Q. What do you expect from me as a parent?

    I expect open, honest communication as well as respecting the policies and procedures in my parent handbook.
  • Q. Do you encourage visits from parents?

    I would love parents to come in and play with us. We also do fun projects that parents are always welcome to help with!

Become a MyVillage Family

When your child enrolls with Natural Discoveries, you’re gaining so much more than childcare, you’re becoming a MyVillage Family. Here are just some of the benefits of being a MyVillage Family:

  • Trusted Educators

    All MyVillage Educators are trained, licensed, insured, CPR Certified, and offer high-quality care in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Personalized Care

    A small group setting in a family home environment results in natural socialization, development, and a personalized approach for your child.

  • Reliable

    Our unique support system means that if your educator is sick, you won’t have to call in sick too.

  • Learning & Development

    The MyVillage Education Experience encourages play-based learning and growth.

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