Sandra Head Educator & Owner, The Growing Patch Preschool & Childcare
Location: Forsyth , MT
Enrollment: Enroll Now
Ratio: 1 adult per 6 children
Hours: 5:30am — 5:30pm
Ages: Newborn — 5 years
Approach: MyVillage Learning Approach
Rates: Under 2 years: $675/month, 2+ years: $641/month

The Growing Patch Preschool & Childcare

About Our Educators

  • Q. Why did you become an Educator?

    I wasn’t able to find high-quality child care for my daughter and wanted to help the community so I decided to open my own program. I am thrilled to start a career I am passionate about; owning the Growing Patch Preschool and Childcare is my dream job!
  • Q. What's your favorite part about being an Educator?

    I love watching children learn, discover, explore and grow. Seeing the look on a child’s face when they understand something new is the most rewarding feeling in the world.
  • Q. Do you have any special experience parents should know about?

    I have 20+ years of child care experience. I am very passionate about how children are treated and respected. All children should be given the opportunity to learn and I feel that the social and emotional skills children learn during their earliest years help build a foundation for lifelong learning. Additionally, I have experience working with children with disabilities.
  • Q. Anything else parents should know about you or your family?

    My partner Cassie and I understand how important quality child care is. We understand the importance of small children being in a loving home atmosphere. We would be honored to have your children here at The Growing Patch Preschool and Childcare during these important years of their lives to grow and learn every day.

About Our School

  • Q. What's your early childhood education philosophy?

    The first five years are very important for learning as they are the most formative years. I believe in limiting the use of technology unless it is solely for educational purposes. I will let children lead with their interests and incorporate those interests into our daily lesson plans.
  • Q. What's your school set-up like?

    The Growing Patch is a home-away-from-home with a spacious outdoor area and learning centers throughout the house.
  • Q. What snacks & meals do you provide?

    We abide by the USDA food program regulations. We always do family-style dining, where the children are able to serve themselves. We provide breakfast, lunch and two snacks throughout the day. Babies will be fed as needed.
  • Q. Anything else parents should know?

    We do have a cat in our home that will be away during program hours. If your child has allergies please let us know.

About Our Parent Relationships

  • Q. What do you expect from me as a parent?

    We expect parents to take an active role in their child’s care and education by keeping supplies stocked as needed, open communication, and on-time pick-up.
  • Q. Do you encourage visits from parents?

    Yes! Parents may come anytime we are open. Please communicate your plans to visit so we can make it fit into our daily routine.

Become a MyVillage Family

When your child enrolls with The Growing Patch Preschool & Childcare, you’re gaining so much more than childcare, you’re becoming a MyVillage Family. Here are just some of the benefits of being a MyVillage Family:

  • Trusted Educators

    All MyVillage Educators are trained, licensed, insured, CPR Certified, and offer high-quality care in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Personalized Care

    A small group setting in a family home environment results in natural socialization, development, and a personalized approach for your child.

  • Reliable

    Our unique support system means that if your educator is sick, you won’t have to call in sick too.

  • Learning & Development

    The MyVillage Education Experience encourages play-based learning and growth.

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