Brandy Head Educator & Owner, ABC...123...Early Learning
Location: Superior, MT
Enrollment: On a Waitlist
Ratio: 1 adult per 6 children
Hours: 7:30am — 5:30 pm
Ages: Newborn — 5 years
Approach: FunShine
Rates: $600/month, part-time available

ABC...123...Early Learning

About Our Educators

  • Q. Why did you become an Educator?

    I find the most joy in taking care of young children. It is my life’s calling and purpose!
  • Q. What's your favorite part about being an Educator?

    My favorite part about being an Educator is knowing that I can truly make a difference in a child's life by giving them the tools they need to become a strong capable person.
  • Q. Do you have any special experience parents should know about?

    I have been working in the childcare field for the last 18 years. I am a mom of two very strong, loving, amazing girls!
  • Q. Anything else parents should know about you or your family?

    Being a parent is the hardest job of all time but worth every struggle and snuggle I get to be part of! My family means everything to me. I am so honored to have the privilege of raising children and find that it is made easier with communication and empathy. We are never done learning and growing until we choose to be, and continued learning brings me joy every day!

About Our School

  • Q. What's your early childhood education philosophy?

    Everyone has strengths and things to work a little harder on. When it comes to educating young minds, it's important to remember that everyone is different, therefore I will treat them as individuals and take their needs into account when developing an education plan. Young children need the opportunity to enjoy learning at their own pace in a safe, relaxing environment.
  • Q. What's your school set-up like?

    The main classroom is a large room in my home. I prefer to be outside as much as possible, Montana weather permitting.
  • Q. What snacks & meals do you provide?

    Child Care Food Program (CCFP) approved breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.
  • Q. Anything else parents should know?

    A routine helps children thrive in their day to day life and feel empowered. It also removes the power struggle that may occur in transitions. My program is a START 2.

About Our Parent Relationships

  • Q. What do you expect from me as a parent?

    I expect clear communication from parents about their plans and schedules. Additionally, I expect parents to follow my policies as set out in my handbook.
  • Q. Do you encourage visits from parents?

    Yes! It is important for children to see that their parents are comfortable around me. We are a team and we need to support each other! With that in mind, I’m happy to communicate with parents about our daily routine to ensure visits don’t disrupt things like nap time or meals.

Become a MyVillage Family

When your child enrolls with ABC...123...Early Learning, you’re gaining so much more than childcare, you’re becoming a MyVillage Family. Here are just some of the benefits of being a MyVillage Family:

  • Trusted Educators

    All MyVillage Educators are trained, licensed, insured, CPR Certified, and offer high-quality care in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Personalized Care

    A small group setting in a family home environment results in natural socialization, development, and a personalized approach for your child.

  • Reliable

    Our unique support system means that if your educator is sick, you won’t have to call in sick too.

  • Learning & Development

    The MyVillage Education Experience encourages play-based learning and growth.

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