MyVillage Educator Spotlight: Meet Becky!

Becky Crisman owns and operates Creative Cubs Clubhouse in Belgrade, Montana. A first-time business owner, Becky was a stay-at-home mom of three children prior to discovering MyVillage. Fun fact about Becky: She’s a triplet and her siblings are quadruplets!

“My middle daughter, Naiomi, has epilepsy, which made it extremely difficult to find affordable childcare,” Becky said. “The programs I looked at advertised open spots, but when I disclosed Naiomi’s epilepsy, they told me the spot was filled or tried to charge higher rates.”

Becky knew she provided Naiomi with excellent care at home, and decided she wanted to offer the same peace of mind for other families in need of quality childcare. Opening an in-home program would allow her to watch her own kids, who would also benefit from being in a high-quality, social learning environment yet with no cost to her, while also earning extra income for her family.

In January 2019, after Becky saw a post on Facebook about MyVillage from another MyVillage in-home Educator, she began speaking with the MyVillage team to learn more about opening her own in-home childcare program.

“I was skeptical at first because, in some ways, it seemed too good to be true. I had a lot of questions. And when I say I had a lot of questions, I mean I had A LOT of questions. I wanted to make sure there weren’t things hidden in the contract like fees or other obligations,” she said. “Starting a business is no small feat, but MyVillage was always available to talk with me and open about answering every question honestly and with full transparency.”

Becky signed up in late February. And, she said she’s appreciated the sense of community she’s felt since day one.

“I knew that the licensing process would be long and tedious and getting liability insurance would be challenging,” she said. “I had no idea how to navigate all that.”

MyVillage covers the cost of liability insurance for its educators, and supports each educator through the licensing process whether they own their homes or rent like Becky and her family.

“MyVillage tells you they will be there to help, but they don’t tell you that there are actual, real-life people to help through everything,” Becky explained. “My mentor, Rhiannon, went above and beyond to help me, and I feel like I can ask her anything and everything at any time of day. I wouldn’t be able to operate my program without MyVillage.”

Becky said the welcoming, thoughtful notes she receives in the mail from the MyVillage team keeps her motivated and feeling like a part of the community (follow us on Instagram to see more about what makes the MyVillage community so special!). She also enjoys it when parents share with her the positive changes they notice in their kids.

“One dad texted me because his daughter came home doing sign language,” she said. “He was overjoyed and couldn’t believe she was learning that in my in-home childcare program.”

Moments like that, as well as the ability to witness her own children grow up and thrive in her own program, are incredibly special to Becky and her family.

Curious to learn more about starting your own in-home childcare program or preschool with MyVillage? Start the conversation today! We would love to connect with you.