Our Story

We're harnessing the power of community to
create exceptional care for every child.

We’re two women who don’t believe that “the way it is” is the way it has to be.

Ever since we became moms, we’ve experienced first hand the struggles that families have in finding affordable, high-quality childcare. We also learned how hard a care provider needs to work to make ends meet. After spending time abroad, we also truly came to value the role that community plays in helping children thrive.

That’s where our vision was born – to rebuild the village of care in our communities. We created MyVillage as a solution that works for everyone: kids, families and care providers. To get there, we’ve consulted early childhood education experts at Harvard, spoken to hundreds of care providers around the United States, and drawn on our own experience as successful founders of socially good start-ups.

We believe that happier providers mean happier kids. Happier kids mean happier parents. Happier parents mean happier communities. And happier communities mean a better world.

We invite you to build the Village with us.

Erica & Elizabeth

MyVillage Co-Founders

Learn the story behind MyVillage and what makes our community of in-home educators so exceptional.

Our Team

  • Erica Mackey

    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Elizabeth Szymanski

    Co-Founder & CFO, Head of Operations
  • Aidan Leonard

    General Counsel & Head of Risk
  • Lisa Walthers

    Head of Marketing & Sales
  • Thor Muller

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Elke Govertsen

    Chief Community Officer
  • Kaycee Majxner

    Growth Marketing Manager
  • Taren Cunningham

    IT Manager & Educator Tools Product Manager
  • Kara Daume

    Community Operations Manager
  • Kim Wolff

    Educator Success Manager
  • Bridget Uzzelle

    Program Manager
  • Hannah-Laura Henderson

    Community Content Manager
  • Sharon Wilkinson

    Educator Experience Guide
  • Ashley Rose Marisch

    Educator Experience Guide
  • Drew Sawkins

    Educator Enrollment Consultant & Team Lead
  • Jeanette Wilson

    Educator Enrollment Consultant
  • Candace Damron

    Educator Enrollment Consultant
  • Rhiannon Shook

    Lead Mentor
  • Robbin Hutchins-Jones

    Lead Mentor
  • Emmiliese von Clemm

    Product Manager
  • Justin Connor

    Family Concierge
  • Merrit Geary

    Marketing Associate

Our Core Values

  • We all have something to teach and we all have something to learn.

  • Trust is built on promises that we keep. We can only care for others if we take care of ourselves.

  • We do what is right, even when it’s not easy. We expect our community to do the same.

  • Just like our kids, we live in a world of possibility and believe everyone has untapped potential.

  • We focus on the journey. Our joy is found in doing, not just finishing.

  • We know that if we don’t risk anything, we risk even more.